& the two shall become one flesh.

Sarah & Ruben's wedding day was filled with an abundance of joy, beauty, & Congolese traditions!

Many friends & family traveled from across the world to rejoice with Sarah & Ruben. The groom is from Congo, Africa & moved to the United States in middle school. The wedding was the first time he had seen some of his family members in over 10 years! The couple wanted their wedding to feel like a family reunion - which made the entire day even more special!

The bride (with the help of her mother & bridesmaids) decorated the entire venue. All of the flower arrangements, bouquets, & boutonnieres were made by the mother of the day just days before the wedding - with lots of help from Youtube videos!

The couple met at a Christian Ministry at Temple University - they were good friends for a long time before they started dating. Sarah even said to a friend "Ruben & I could never date. We are way too different!" Things quickly changed, & it is so evident that their differences complement each other in a beautiful way!

It was a joy to capture the beauty of their wedding day! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Ciowela!! 

Venue: The Discovery Center

Baker: Cle Doree Bakery, Julia Kazanov

DJ: Brian Lukabu

Florals: Trader Joes, Assembled by the Bride & Mother of the Bride