The Lord has shown his great mercy toward her, & they rejoiced.

Caitlin & Dave's wedding was glorious! Many friends & family came together to make the day truly beautiful. A friend of the bride spent hours creating flower bouquets & arrangements. The schola for the mass was organized by wedding guests just weeks before. The bride's roommates, friends, & family drove through rain storms on the morning of to decorate the venue.

The weather forecast predicted storms & flash flooding for the entire day. The sky poured for the hours leading up to the mass. The start of the mass was even (slightly) delayed because the flower girls were stuck in traffic as their parents tried to navigate driving in Philadelphia during a storm.

As the entrance hymn began to play for the mass, the sky cleared up & remained blue for the rest of the day!

The rain puddles outside of the venue were a joyful surprise to all of the little children at the reception, who played in the puddles until their dresses were completely soaked!

The reception was everything Caitlin & Dave imagined - a house party with yummy BBQ food.

Many Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher!