The morning of your wedding should be joyful, peaceful, and full of anticipation - not overwhelming or stressful!

Three things to consider for the morning of your wedding:

  • Prioritize prayer throughout the morning. It can be as simple as saying a “Hail Mary” with all of your bridesmaids before you put on your wedding dress or praying a Holy Hour in a chapel before you begin getting ready.

On the morning of my own wedding my maid of honor, Karly, led all of the bridesmaids in a rosary before we started getting ready. The prayer concluded a 54-day Rosary Novena which Jacob & I began over a month before our wedding day. We prayed the novena for our marriage, as well as all of the friends & family who celebrated our wedding feast with us. Begining the morning of my wedding day with prayer was so beautiful and it set such a peaceful tone for the entire day.

  • Write out a (realistic) timeline for the morning. Think about everything that you need to do the morning of - plan enough time for eating breakfast (& possibly lunch), doing your hair, & make-up, getting your dress on (add in extra time if you have a lot of buttons!), bridal portraits, & travel (including time for parking) to the church. Add buffer time between everything, especially before you get your dress on! If we’re being realistic, you will probably want to include going to the bathroom & brushing your teeth on your timeline.

  • & Finally, plan for your bridesmaids (& anyone else who is with you in the morning) to get dressed before the bride. Once everyone else is dressed, it takes off so much pressure & then the bridesmaids can actually help the bride get ready. This is especially important if you plan to do a bride or bridesmaids reveal.