Prioritizing a LONG Honeymoon 🍯🌙

The best wedding advice we received was to not only prioritize our honeymoon but also prioritize a LONG honeymoon. Maybe this isn’t the BEST advice to be giving as a wedding vendor. But as a couple, this was SO important to us!

Reasons why we believe a long honeymoon is important:

  • After the season of engagement & planning a wedding, there is a desperate need to truly rest & rejoice with your spouse!

  • As newlyweds, a longer honeymoon gives you the opportunity to talk about important (& not important) things for your marriage & to dream about your life together.

  • It is a special time to make unique memories together for the first time as husband & wife. For us, we loved snorkeling & scuba diving together. Even a year later, we still talk about memories from our honeymoon! 

  • & finally, your honeymoon is (most likely) the most amount of time you have with each other without the distractions of everyday life. For us, it felt like everything else in the world stopped while we were on our honeymoon & it allowed us time to dream about our life together as a family.